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Jesse received a call from Ontario, Canada from H. Schillings wanting to know if BIGS could build 2 carburetors for his NEW HEMI engine with a X-Ram. (These Carburetors were to be used to replace the original equipped Holley 770 X-Ram carburetors from the factory.)
After taking down all of his specs and discussing the RULES he would be running under (later finding out it was an OPEN RULE situation, Jesse felt BIGS would have no Problem building a better mousetrap, so to say. With his past experience, he thought to improve on the dual 770 Holley X-Ram set-up from the factory would not be a problem at all..

During more conversation with Harry it was determined that the NEW BIGS were to be the Vacuum Secondary design. This created a bit of a linkage challenge but it was met by Harry. "You make the Carburetors and I will make the linkage," Harry said.
With the CNC machine, Harry did just that!

Jesse went to work on the NEW BIGS Vacuum Secondary Carburetors for Harry.. Compiling the information Harry had given and the past success Jesse had learned in this area he felt getting the increase in HP/TORQUE over the current 770 set-up would be no problem(even with the vacuum secondary design limitations)

The Carburetors were completed; put on the mule dyno at BIGS After getting the results needed Jesse Shipped the NEW BIGS Carburetors to Harry in Ontario, Canada..

On 12/15/2005 Harry calls BIGS with dyno results from pulls made on his friend, Dwight's proven 540 cubic inch HEMI combination. (770 Holley X-Ram factory set-up)

With Harry's engine still in the building stage he decides to give his NEW BIGS Carburetors a pull on his friend's Proven 540 HEMI. After much, "This isn't going to work," talk by his friends and the dyno shop spectators, they make the PULL!

The 540 HEMI boasts stats of 858 HP with 755 ft lb of TORQUE(in previous pulls with the factory set-up). Still being told by Harry's friend (the dyno man) I have tried every possible combination known to man for this type engine combination and this is not going to work. This will only yield a LOSS of both HP/TORQUE.
"How about I put them on, you fire them up?" says Harry.

The 540 inch HEMI came to life with a much improved sound of power, but after the pull, the dyno man seemed right (for the moment) .. A Loss of almost 40 HP with an equal % of Torque loss. BUT WAIT, we must keep in mind the NEW BIGS Carburetors were built to the specs of Harry's engine, still in the build shop. A WOPPING near 600 cubic inch HEMI. Once again, these carburetors were built to the specs needed for Harry's engine. The dyno sheet showed the air fuel to be way too rich, 10-1 A/Fuel ratio.

An Air Fuel change was in order, after the completion of both carburetor changes the 540 HEMI was brought to life once again to make another pull. The 540 sounded much stronger on the bottom once again but this is not the test. Everyone in the dyno shop agreed!! Crank it Up!

This time the stats were not only an improvement but literally blew the Proven Carburetor Set-up out of the picture. During this pull, Harry's NEW BIGS Carburetors yielded a WOPPING 877HP with 776 ft lb of TORQUE!! This translates into a 19 HP gain and an awesome 21 ft lb of TORQUE over the Proven Holley set-up but the new pull showed the air/fuel still needed some changes.

After the second Air/Fuel changes were made..the now BIGS equipped 540 HEMI of Harry's friend was fired up once again__...Not settling on previous stats the BIGS Combination Leaped to an amazing 892 HP with 787 ft lb of TORQUE. That comes out to be a gain of 34HP and a gain of 32 ft lb of TORQUE over the Proven 770 factory Holley X-Ram set-up!! AWSOME!!

NOTE: All pulls were made in the same RPM window as the Proven original 770 Holley Set-up.

Keep in mind: The NEW BIGS Carburetors were built/set-up for Harry's NEW engine. Jesse feels if they were built to Harry's friend's 540 HEMI specs they could show more yet!
As I stated at the beginning,

We Have Been Building Horsepower Since 1962. We Start With Selected NEW Parts and Build Your NEW BIGS to Our/Your Specs Which Reach Far Beyond the Basic Carburetor Design, Eliminating Hesitations, and Poor Response, While at The Same Time Maximizing Horsepower and Torque. The Result is a Custom Calibrated, Blueprinted Carburetor that Gives You Razor Sharp Throttle Response, Astonishingly Quicker E.T.s, and More M.P.H. A BIGS Carburetor Truley Offers You Superior Performance!!!

We are Constantly Testing our Designs at the Track and on the Dyno, So That We Know Our Customers Are Getting Some of the Best Carburetors Available Today!!!
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by David Geer

Hi Jesse,
First off my HP 4150 series is kickin butt down here in Texas. I run in a drag radial class, Texas True Ten 5, True Street Drag Radial Class. We run on a 275/60 tire and are limited to a single 4150 series carb.
Check out this video of my car with a BIGS carb pushing it with 315/60 radial tires. 5 foot wheelstand. The pass before this one it got even higher in the air. It stood on one wheel before I knew what was going on. I got out of the throttle and right back in
to keep it from coming down so hard. The second pass is the one in the video. I was ready for it and didn't let it get so high before I got out of the throttle. I made it to the finals that night.
I added 2 pounds of air pressure to tame the wheel stand some and it back fired on me. The front end got up about 2 feet and then the tires unloaded on me just long enough for the other car to get out in front of me a little over a car. I almost ran em down but ran out of track. Feel free to use it for advertising if you want to. Also I am attaching a picture of it with the wheels off the ground, you can use the picture if you want too also. Keep up the good work on the BEST carbs in the country.

David "Unc" Geer
Texas True Ten 5
True Street Drag Radial Class
Car # 23

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